EVA420H meet you all to imagine for stage lighting
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EVA420H meet you all to imagine for stage lighting

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   As currently on the market of LED lamps and lanterns of strong demand and booming development, before the mid - 2017, ember r&d team after half a year time originality the development of a universal 'EVA420H stage lights, the lights have a large number of market and get customer recognition, ember again won the industry attention. EVA420H wins depends on it break the inherent concept of traditional moving head light,, design of the beams and the dyeing effect is perfect unifies in together, and 420 w white LED module and give full play to the light source of "high life" the superior performance of 'high photosynthetic efficiency. Sharp sense of light beam in guarantee beam mode at the same time, the design mode and can guarantee uniformity flare height and maximum photosynthetic efficiency, can realize perfect dyeing effect of light.


    As Ablelite2017 hot-selling models EVA420H is not only a stylish compact appearance, light performance of 420 w white LED bulb module, color temperature as high as 8000 k, 2.5 meters beam modulation mode of illuminance is as high as 110000 lux light can emit clear sharp, color pure light effect. Effect plate rotating at the same time, 1 with prism and beam model, variable atomization effect, fast strobe, fast electric aperture 0-100% linear adjustment, beam shapes can be arbitrary changes to stage to build a strong visual impact.


   Under the mode of design lamp also have remarkable ability, wide zoom Angle can reach 5 to 50 °; 1, pattern plate rotating with seven two-way rotational positioning design, a fixed pattern plate of seven pieces, can be two-way flow and rotation, can stack out a variety of high-definition bright design effect. Uniform design light spot effect, brightness, truly achieve beam and design perfect combination.


     When it was as dyeing soft light, have rich color system, linear smoothing CMY color temperature is mixed color with a CTO linear adjustment, and to perfect to achieve uniform dyeing effect of soft. Any switch eight color and white light, especially its high brightness output design, combined with level 540 °, 265 ° vertically rapid scanning, let it shake head to dyeing lamp can create a perfect visual experience on the stage, comprehensive promotion stage level.

    EVA420H as a durable, practical, environmental protection, energy saving, fast, low noise operation of the quality of lamps and lanterns, it will save the theater theatre, TV studio, subject-live performance, bar night injected powerful energy and so on various occasions. EVA420H whatever effect, can be good for you, will meet you all think of stage lights!

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