Ablelite successfully held the "Through Cave" competition
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Ablelite successfully held the "Through Cave" competition

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In order to improve the physical quality of employees and enhance the ability of team cooperation and communication, Ablelite launched a quarterly employee activity "Through Cave" competition in early May.

           _MG_4552  _MG_4544 

Cave game is a very interesting outdoor sport, it requires the participants in a simulated cave environment, the team members in turn to complete the task of shuttling through the cave, the shortest time to complete the team will win.

         _MG_4585  _MG_4587

Two weeks before the start of the competition, we can see different teams training at any break time. Under the scorching sun, they exercised with neat steps and loud slogans, hoping to find the magic weapon to win the game with repeated exercises.

        _MG_4614  _MG_4602

When the game was ready to start, the sky became low, and clouds gathered from all sides, as if it were pouring rain in an instant. In order to live up to the staff's preparation, the event planning team decided to hold the competition as scheduled.

        _MG_4600  _MG_4625

A neat, united team came forward, they are looking forward to win this competition. However, the weather was not perfect, and a drizzle began to fall from the sky. In spite of this, they are not afraid of wind and rain, shuttling through one after another "dark cave" flexibly. Teammates are shouting for them, while drizzle is also cheering for them. We could see the joy of success on their faces every time they completed the task.

Finally, we ushered in the team champion and second place with excellent performance amazing everyone.

        _MG_4635  _MG_4636

        _MG_4640  _MG_4643

In this drizzly May, Ablelite Electronics successfully held the "Through Cave" competition. The spirit of the Ablelite family who are not afraid of difficulties is worthy of our praise. We are proud of them.

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