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Honorable customer:
thank you for purchasing an Beiqi of professional products, we are a leading advanced stage lighting equipment and entertainment solutions provider of global information, our outstanding brand series enjoyed many years of cutting-edge innovation and quality of traditional. We also believe that the Anbei professional lighting products can meet your needs and expectations. If you have any questions, please read the warranty policy below. If there is any problem in your product, please contact the contact person who sells the product to you first.

Warranty: (China, market, professional lighting products for Anbei)

 The warranty period is 2 years from the date of the initial purchase of the customer. The date of receipt of the invoice or the warranty card is subject to the date of registration.

 The company's warranty and maintenance service is limited to the purchase of equipment in anbei. Free repair and replacement of parts will be provided if the machine is damaged or malfunction during the warranty period. This warranty is effective only as the original buyer of the end user.
One of the following cases does not belong to the scope of warranty, and the relevant regulations carry out the maintenance of charge:
1) Users cause damage due to improper use, maintenance, storage and handling; such as overloading or feedback and burn out.
2) Damage caused by the use of environmental factors, such as high voltage input, dampness, and so on
3) Users do not provide installation guidelines not properly installed or dismantled in accordance with the original non Anbei maintenance department maintenance; damage; use of non original parts and original procurement repair replacement;
4) No warranty and valid invoices or effective purchase of vouchers;
5) Purchase voucher, warranty voucher incompatible or modified;
6) Damage caused by irresistible natural disasters or poor use of the environment;
7) Processing products, products that have exceeded the warranty period.
8) Failed to show the product in the company's sales record.
the company will not be responsible for any loss directly or indirectly caused by damage to the equipment.

 this warranty service is only valid in the Chinese mainland market.

 the replacement of the light bulb /LED light source is not within the warranty.

 the company reserves the ultimate right to explain the warranty clause.


Send maintenance products, please carefully packed together winth warranty card, invoice and maintenance requirements to repair, please attach photos for reference product damage if necessary.
If you do not use this product for a long time and you need to use it, please use it before checking it in accordance with the instructions.
We are not only your lighting manufacturer, but also your trusted partner.
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