ABLELITE mainly produces all kinds moving heads with LED/discharge lamp, LED profile, LED Fresnel, battery lighting, LED bar, outdoor IP65 moving heads, which are suitable for different applications such as touring, entertainment, theater, TV studio, rental and so on.
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Focus On Stage Lighting Industry

Ablelite, is an enterprise specializing in stage lighting industry, who are focusing on lighting design, manufacturing, sales, installation and after-sales service, the team is passionate, innovative and good at new products development, all products are independently designed in terms of appearance, structure, heat dissipation, electronics and software.

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Customized Development & Stable Quality

Ablelite, equipped with strong R&D team and advanced testing facilities, implementing a complete series developing process from new product proposal requirements input, design and sample verify, trial production and mass production verify to focus mainly at customized professional stage lighting. The factory is carrying out strict and high-level quality system from supply chain, incoming material and whole process control of consistency, we are always targeting to provide professional and stable quality products to market from all over the world, when they are contributing to light up stages and bring marvelous visual feast to audience, we feel extremely proud.


A330H 380W Beam/Wash/Spot 3-in-1 LED Moving Head

The A330H 380W Beam/Wash/Spot 3-in-1 LED Moving Head is a versatile and powerful lighting fixture designed for professional stage, event, and entertainment lighting applications.

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EVA420H meet you all to imagine for stage lighting

As currently on the market of LED lamps and lanterns of strong demand and booming development, before the mid - 2017, ember r&d team after half a year time originality the development of a universal 'EVA420H stage lights, the lights have a large number of market and get customer recognition, ember a

How to maintain the service life of the hybrid moving head light

Hybrid moving head lights have become an essential element in modern stage and event lighting. These dynamic fixtures offer a combination of spot, beam, and wash functions, providing an impressive array of lighting effects. However, to ensure their longevity and optimal performance, it is crucial to

19x40W RGBW LED Wash Moving Head Light

Introduction:The 19x40W RGBW Wash Moving Head is an innovative lighting fixture that has revolutionized the world of stage and event lighting. With its impressive features and capabilities, it has become a popular choice among lighting professionals. In this article, we will explore the various aspe

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