A330H 380W Beam/Wash/Spot 3-in-1 LED Moving Head
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A330H 380W Beam/Wash/Spot 3-in-1 LED Moving Head

Views: 0     Author: ABLELITE-MIN     Publish Time: 2023-09-19      Origin: ABLELITE


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The A330H 380W Beam/Wash/Spot 3-in-1 LED Moving Head is a versatile and powerful lighting fixture designed for professional stage, event, and entertainment lighting applications. This innovative fixture combines beam, wash, and spot functionalities into a single unit, offering exceptional flexibility and creative possibilities for lighting designers and operators.

Multi-functional Design: The A330H integrates beam, wash, and spot capabilities in one fixture, allowing seamless transitions between different lighting effects on stage.

High-Brightness Output: Equipped with a 380W LED light source, this moving head delivers intense and vibrant beams, ideal for illuminating large performance spaces and venues.

Dynamic Effects: With its beam, wash, and spot features, the A330H offers a wide range of lighting effects, from sharp beams to soft washes and focused spot lighting, enhancing the visual impact of any production.

Fast Movement: The fixture features a high-speed movement system, enabling precise and rapid adjustments of the light beam’s position and angle, facilitating smooth lighting transitions and effect changes.

Flexible Control Options: Supporting DMX control, automatic mode, and sound activation, the A330H offers versatile control options to suit various lighting requirements and performance scenarios.

Robust Construction: Built with high-quality materials and precision engineering, the A330H boasts a durable and rugged design, making it suitable for prolonged use in demanding stage environments.

Energy-efficient and Eco-friendly: Utilizing LED light sources, the fixture is energy-efficient, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly, contributing to energy savings and reduced carbon emissions.

In summary, the A330H 380W Beam/Wash/Spot 3-in-1 LED Moving Head is a cutting-edge lighting solution that brings together advanced features, versatility, and superior performance. Whether used in concerts, theaters, nightclubs, or any other live entertainment settings, this fixture is designed to deliver stunning lighting effects and elevate the overall visual experience.

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