EVA1940Z / 740Z brightness and Angle of the brave
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EVA1940Z / 740Z brightness and Angle of the brave

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    When the stage lights LED WASH to ZOOM in the so-called 10 w, 15 w small bee bee eye, size of shanzhai factory flocking, ABLELITE ember electronic as early as the end of 2015 on research and development of 40 w LED BEAM for WASH new series, after six months keep improving the design of the research and development, the repeated test validation, EVA1940Z and 740 z two highlight LED BEAM dyeing light has been put on the market in great quantities, as usual, stable quality, and the effect of superior performance for ABLE LITE ember once again won a standing ovation.

     Latest series of LED BEAM for WASH not only adopted the osram 40 w RGBW single star snap one light bead, we implemented on the LED driver control single-point RGBW adjustable light, four kinds of DMX channel mode in most channel reached 99/51, two lights are equipped with ARTNET control, easy to realize single point of control and flexible operation. On the basis of the LED driver to 40 w to realize single point of control and ABLELITE (ember) to overcome the difficult technical problem of engineers, have successfully crossed the other lights factory from technical threshold, enter a new variety of single point controlled space.


In addition to a single point of control, EVA1940Z and the brightness of the 740 z is also amazing! The image below the national theatre from Naples, Italy, to the extensive use of the latest products, these two products in this picture just lit 2 LED lamp bead, light output was very shocked. First of all, the two lamp light path is ABLELITE for osram lamp bead 40 tailored glass light body before + PMMA lens, the greatest degree to optimize the efficiency of the LED; The use of water-cooled heat pipe cooling system, we can will be driven to 40 w LED real; Minimum flare Angle only 4 °, sharp beam results present a clear edge in smoke; Maximum Angle can go to 36 °, mellow even dyeing effect, zoom will not appear in the process of a black hole. Liu Ming input in 13000 and 7000, 4 ° - 36 °, not the kui is a new EVA1940Z / 740 z LED BEAM in the WASH to brightness and Angle of the brave.



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